Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hanukkah too!

And yes, we did Hanukkah too! Grandpa led us in a great game of dreidel.
Bryce lighting the candles. We did all eight nights in one night. Also, I forgot the Hanukkah candles so we had to improvise with birthday candles.

Bradley's turn.

Noisy guns. Thank goodness we did Hanukkah on our last night up there.

We had delicious potato pancakes!

Our Christmas in Dutch Flat

We are so blessed. We were able to share a white Christmas away from home with Grandma and Grandpa Bisk. It was a busy few days, but so much fun. Bryce loved the snow. He was outside as much as he could be and if anyone tried to make their way outside, he was right there with a snowball.

Bradley and their snowman.

Grandma Bisk giving loves.

Merry Christmas from the Eldredge Family!

Santa's 3rd Visit

Santa even made it to Cherubs, their music class.

Gingerbread Houses

Bradley's first day of Preschool

Bradley was so excited and insisted on wearing his backpack (even though they don't bring a snack). The letter of the week was "L", so Bradley brought "Lady" and "Lightening McQueen".

Santa visit number TWO

So our little town of Benicia has a big Christmas party every year. They close down first street and the stores hand out free goodies: Hot Chocolate, Cookies, Candy, Popcorn, etc. The High School band plays music. There is a big lighting of the tree at the end of the street on the water and there are dancing/singing elves and of course, Santa comes. I missed the picture when Santa gave Bryce a hug, but you get the idea.

We ran into lots of friends. This is Bryce with his friend Jenna from his Kindergarten class. They had set up a meeting place and everything. It was really cute.

Bradley smiling. Someone must have been offering him another treat.

Bryce dancing with my cousin Debbie and her husband Mike. Bryce had the best time on Mike's shoulders and he was a real trooper.

Bryce and Debbie driving an old firetruck. Bryce didn't want to get down.
I love Benicia!

December 2008

Hope everyone had as great of a month as we did. The kids had lots of fun activities to enjoy. Here are some pictures from some of our favorites.
Bradley and his best friend Celeste. They are really cute together and he is very possessive of her.

Bryce and Madelyn. A Shepherd and an angel.

The Shepherd in action.

Our first visit from Santa this year took place at our Ward Christmas party. The boys were super excited. Bryce told Santa he would like a Nintendo DS like his cousin Brandon.

Bradley told Santa he would like a yellow airplane that can fly.