Thursday, November 5, 2009

Playdate Sniffles...

What's better than playing geotrax when you aren't feeling 100%? Playing Geotrax with friends who don't feel 100% either! What a fun afternoon...with the sniffles.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009: One Vampire and one Ghost...

Here are our scary ghost and vampire. Thanks to Grandma, we had some awesome homemade costumes.
The Vampire in deep thought.

Dad and his missing brain from the accident...

Carving pumpkins with the Days Halloween Day...

Yuck! I think 3 is the magic age that they start to remember things. It was so much fun to watch Brad and his buddies experience carving their pumpkins.

The results.

The bobbing for apples demo.

Kids turn. Bradley passed on this activity. He couldn't see why someone would want to do this for an apple.

Doughnuts on a string! The kids had fun - Bryce was the most determined and managed to eat his whole doughnut with no hands.

And then of course, the adults didn't want to get left out of this activity. I came in a close second. Rematch next year!

The crew all dressed and ready to "Trick or Treat"! One ghost, one vampire, one Uno card and one monster. It was so cute to see them race from house to house. They had a great time. After about the third house Bradley exclaimed "Oh Boy, I've got joy!". We couldn't help but laugh.

One picture partaking of the candy.

The loot!