Friday, September 24, 2010

Oakland Zoo with Nathan!

I am so glad Bradley is at Noah's Ark preschool.  It had been 6 lonely months when his best buddies Tyler and Jon moved to St. Thomas.  Now he has lots of new buddies at preschool!  (He never forgets abut Ty and Jon though - we love you guys!  Halloween party at our house, right??)  Yesterday we went to the zoo with his new buddy Nathan!  It was a really fun day.

Brad got to visit his favorite animals...Zebras!!!  Then he asked if I could make him a Zebra costume. I think he thinks he might be able to get a little closer if he looks like them.
And rides too!!!  What an awesome day!
Great idea Mindy!  So glad they are buddies.


Once again we were able to host a UK soccer player for a few weeks.  This year Sam stayed with us!  It is so fun to get to know these young men.  In my eyes, Sam fit right in with our family.  He was willing to sit and play legos with the boys, join in with family games such as kick ball in the backyard (yes we have a small diamond), played the WII with the boys and loved Reeces (which he said they don't have in the UK).  Once again we were sad to see Sam go.  Bryce even drew him a picture and wrote him a letter after his next soccer game to let him know he missed him.  Really sweet.
 We miss you Sam!

First Day of School 2010

I can't believe Bryce is a big 2nd grader!!!  He was up early Wed. morning ready to start the day.  Excited to see what friends were in his class and what his new teacher was like. 

 Here is Bryce in his new classroom.  Room 13.  Mrs. Schmitt/Mrs. Edley.
 And here is Bradley.  Four years old.  His first day of preschool at Noah's Ark!  He was so excited to have his own school and classroom.  He loves all the fun things they do at school.  He participates in everything!  His first couple of times he spent his morning with the playdough.  The next big deal were the blocks and large legos.  They always have an art project set up and that is a big hit too!  So many fun things.  We love it!

 I think it was harder for me to leave him the first day, than it was for him to stay without me!