Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brad's first soccer season!

Not afraid to get down and dirty!

Brad is so fun to watch.  He definitely has an idea of what the game of soccer is!  I think it has something to do with the number of hours we have spent at Bryce's soccer practices and games over the last four years.  Brad is not afraid to get in there and kick the ball.  He knows that a defender's goal is to get the ball back to the offense and that a goalie actually pays attention to the game and tries to stop the ball.  Here are some shots I took from his practice game last night.  Notice the smile on his face!



 The breakaway!  Go Brad GO!

Soccer Days

My favorite sport to watch Bryce play is soccer.  I love to see the concentration on his face or the reward he feels when he has made a good play.  This year he has really developed his skills as the "sweeper".  He is great at defense and feels really good about it.

Pack Family Visits

Have I said how much my kids LOVE having cousins come to visit!!!  Well I think this explains it all:  We have been blessed to have the Pack family come and visit us from UT for the last 5 days and yesterday as we waved while they were driving away I said to Brad "Well that was so lucky to have our cousins come and visit, huh?"  He answered with a smile and then said "Just one bad thing"  I said "What?"  He said "They had to go home!"  So sweet...

They arrived Thursday and the boys and I met them in the city Friday for dinner.  I took Bryce and Brad over on the Ferry.  It was fun!  Then we took them to one of my favorite spots - Baker Beach!  The kids were in heaven!


This was Brad's second set of dry clothes.  We told him not to go anywhere near the water because we didn't have anything else he could wear home (He had nothing on under his sweatshirt or his brothers jeans).  He just couldn't do it.  About 5 min of watching the waves and he was back in them.  He rode home in Denten's scrub top with nothing on underneath.  He was wearing a big smile though!

Six Flags

We also spent a day at six flags and a morning at the JellyBelly Factory.  Thanks for the visit guys!