Monday, August 23, 2010

Boy do we MISS Bryce!!!

Bryce started school last Wed. Today was Brad's first day of Preschool which was just an open house. So our day started with dropping Bryce off at school, going to Brad's preschool together, returning home to read several books several times, eating lunch, playing race car lego game, having arts and crafts time and now practicing letters together! I even have an escort to the bathroom!!! Boy do we miss you Bryce!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beautiful St. Thomas!!!

Denten and Bryce spent hours every day snorkeling and exploring a new beach. This was Bryces first time and he was out there for 5 hours. The morning we left, he had Denten in the water at 7:30am and they swam for over two miles! Denten was exhausted. Bryce didn't want to come in. They saw Rays, Sea Snakes, all sorts of tropical fish. Found amazing shells. It was perfect for them.
Yes those are tropical fish Brad is feeding a cracker too. You walk into the water and there are beautiful yellow, blue, purple, etc fish swimming at your feet!!!
It was just amazing. We planned on spending a couple hours and stayed the WHOLE day. We definitely were on Island time.
Then we rode bumper boats that had squirters on them for over an hour, because the workers were on Island time and the 5 min. ride turned into that long. Bradley laughed the whole time.


I would never have guessed the kids would have gotten along as perfectly as they did. This was outside of Coral Word (an aquarium) where we fed sting rays, petted sharks, saw a sea lion paint about 2 inches away, saw giant iguanas, beautiful sea turtles, went in the underground observatory and ate ice cream!!

Hiking in St. John down to our private beach. I wish I knew how to post more pictures in one posting.

Some of our other experiences were:
a native carnival which included the conga, a lady dancing on stilts, a glass walking, fire breathing limbo man and lots of dancing;
shopping in downtown - we gave each boy $10 to spend and they found lots of treasures!
attending the local branch for church
tie dying t-shirts
swimming in the pool daily
pool games
driving on the left side of the rode in a jeep with no seat belt
finding sea shells
giant hermit crabs
two birthday cakes - Happy Birthday John and Ty!
Spending time with best friends!!!

It is actually MORE beautiful and amazing than the pictures show - if you can believe that! I have never been to a place like this before. There are some perks to having good friends living in tropical places! Although we would rather have you here in Benicia with us EVERY day! Thank you for the amazing trip! Can't wait to go back!

More St. Thomas Pics

I couldn't resist!