Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bradley's first swimming lesson

After a summer in the water, I decided I would sign Bradley (3 years old) up for swimming lessons. Shortly before going to lessons, Bradley drew "Zebra Stripes" on his arms and legs. Zebra's are currently his favorite animals. Here are some pictures of the first day.

After his lesson, I asked him why he didn't want to stay in the water. Brad said "Because I didn't want my Zebra stripes to wash away!" What can you say to that?

First Grade!

Bryce is a first grader now! I can't believe it. He is really growing up. I was so sad the first day of school to leave him knowing he would be gone the whole day! "What if he..." thoughts ran through my head the whole day, but when I picked him up he was just as happy as when I had left him that morning. What a strange feeling to not be needed by my child. Of course that is an exaggeration, but really, he can do just fine without me most of the time now.

Our Summer - Part 3 - August

We were lucky enough to head back down to LA for one more week with our Canadian cousins where we spent most of our days in the pool or at the beach.

We had a great time and miss our lazy summer days!

Our Summer...Part 2 - July

We celebrated the 4th of July with our favorite local team - Go Giants!

Then we headed down to LA to see Grandma and Grandpa Bisk, Twila, Carter, Jake, Brandon and Aija. We loved our Southern California beach days!

We even were able to enjoy an awesome day at the tide pools with our Canadian cousins - Josh, Marlee, Taylor and Nick.

We reluclently left our cousins in LA and went home. We were so excited to see Daddy though! Bryce had one week of Lego camp and learned how to build legos with a motor - he made airplanes, cars and even a remote control car. Bradley enjoyed a week at soccer camp and came home with some fun sayings: "You're totally wicked, Mom!"

Our Summer...part one - June

We had quite a busy, fun summer and it all went by so quickly!

It started with a move into our new house. It is so beautiful, I feel so blessed. It has been so fun to put things away and acquire furniture and really make it feel like our own home. (We are so lucky to have such great friends who are willing to share with us!)

We love our little town, Benicia and feel so lucky to have found this little community that is so family oriented and has so much to offer. It has already been so good to us, I am excited to know we will be here for a long time.

We went on a long drive to Utah for a nephew's Wedding and had a great time visiting with family. I had forgotten how beautiful Utah is in the summer! We even made time for a day of boating on the lake, shopping and a rodeo!