Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Bisks House

My kids think my parents live in paradise! What could be better: a pool in the backyard, the beach 10 min. away, Disneyland 40 min. away, ice skating 15 min. away, more beaches, children's museums and best of all...Grandma and Grandpa there to think everything they do is perfect! My kids LOVE their time at the Bisk Hotel! We love you Grandma and Grandpa!That is Bradley in the top of the tree. Bryce is in there somewhere too. It is so funny to take Bradley places because he is an amazing climber (on anything) and I always have concerned parents coming to tell me that my son needs help. Then I call out "Brad, are you OK? Do you need me?" And Brad responds "DON'T COME MOM!!!" These concerned parents think I am nuts! Maybe I am...he loves it though!
Bryce requested we go ice skating this time.

Bradley enjoying himself at Noah's Ark, Skirball Children's Museum. It was amazing. So unique. I loved this children's museum as much as the kids. So worth it!

Brad in the pool. Both boys are water boys now. Bryce is a true swimmer!!! (Patients does pay off...) Brad has no problem swimming under the water and is working on big arms. He can stay in forever!
Bryce is great at finding treasures in the tide pools! I didn't get any great pictures, but you get the idea.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finally an update...

...unfortunately no pictures. I have the cutest pictures, but my computer won't upload them...ugh! Anyway, here is the recap of the last six months!

Thanksgiving was spent in LA with cousins! They kids spent most of the time in the pool. Yes the pool the end of November. It was amazing. Southern Cal is really that wonderful! Awesome Thanksgiving dinner of course and a quick trip to LEGOland then home.

Christmas was super busy and full of surprises including the one on Christmas Eve from my bishop when he asked me to be the YW President. Little did I know what that truly would mean. Christmas Eve was spent with Grandma and Grandpa Bisk and cousins Mike and Debbie Wirth. It was great! Yummy food, great company, talked, played games, opened a present or too, built the anticipation...Christmas Day was perfect! (At least that is how I remember it now). The kids were happy which means the parents are happy. Our first Christmas in our home. It was great!

January - Denten and Bryce took a special trip to UT to go Ice Fishing. Bryce was so excited to have a special trip with Dad and had the best time! Brad was left home with Mom but we managed to have an awesome time too with a special trip to Monterey with his best buddies John and Ty and we even slept in a hotel room with them! Super fun and unforgettable.

The next few months kind of blended together for me. YW has been more work than I could have imagined, but I am grateful for all I have learned and for the opportunity I have to be involved with the girls. Denten has spent the last 3 months coaching Bryce's little league team (with awesome help - 3 great other coaches). Yes, they were the Red Sox and we just had the last game yesterday and it truly was amazing how much they improved. Brad started gymnastics. Loved the first day, but I think he could take it or leave it. He really likes swinging on the rope, which they don't do very often.

March - Bryce turned 7 with an unforgettable LEGO Race Car party thanks to dad building a cool ramp in the backyard. Brad's best friends and my favorite girlfriend moved to St. Thomas. So sad and has been since they left. It is so magical to find a friend who you love, parent your children similarly, kids play well together, who you can call at a drop of a hat to do anything with you and they will say yes and I can't tell you how much Brad and I miss them. Our days are not the same. Best of luck Days! You will always be in our hearts!

April - Brad turned 4 and is super excited to be 4. Can't believe my baby is 4...He had a super fun Pirate party. We hunted for gold coins, walked the plank, made treasure boxes with jewels, made pirate hats, tried to play a dice game, it was fun.

May - Denten and I took a trip to Boston, MA by ourselves!!! It was 5 days on our own and it was great. Grandma and Grandpa Bisk stayed with the boys and what made the trip for me was every time I called home the boys were happy! Therefore, I was happy. Thanks Mom! Denten's dream came true as we entered Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees and Red Sox won! Boston was truly magical though. All that history (and I don't really even like history) but when you are there, it is truely amazing. I loved the sidewalks! ALL brick! I loved the ducks! I love children's literature. I loved the shopping (without kids). Most of all I loved being with my husband without any interruptions (except the conference he spent the last two days at) and seeing his face and feeling his excitement as we went to the baseball games. Babe I love you and think you are truly amazing. You have worked so hard and achieved so much!

June - Bryce graduated from 1st grade! He has worked so hard this year and has been such a joy! Truly. He is my rule follower and at times so difficult, but as I have watched him learn and grow this year, I feel truly blessed as a mother to have such a wonderful boy to take care of. He always tries his hardest wanting to please everybody and follow all the rules. He is nice to everyone at school, even the kids who are not kind back (such an example). He gets along with everyone. He takes care of himself. He has learned how to read, count money, add, subtract, write stories, spell words and is also very sensitive. When you have had a hard day you can count on and "I love you" note next to your bed. I love you Bryce and am so proud of how hard you have worked this year! Can't wait to spend the summer with you!

Bradley - has a mind of his own now. He was by far an easier child up to this point. I could take him anywhere and do anything and now all of a sudden, this little boy has an opinion! He is FUN! He can always make me laugh. Kids like him. He can play just about anything with anybody and now he can do the monkey bars too! His latest accomplishment. He loves to be home which makes me happy to know it is a place he feels safe, comfortable and happy. I have kept him home longer than I did with Bryce. I think mostly because I know he is my last and I don't want him to get bigger (but I love seeing him get bigger, smarter, stronger, etc too). He will start preschool in the fall and is so excited to have his own school. He LOVES his big brother and misses him everyday when he goes to school even though they don't always manage to get along when he gets home. Every time we drive by Bryce's school when school is in session Brad says "Hi Bryce. Hope you are having a fun day! I miss you. See you soon!" It is very sweet.

I am one lucky Mommy to have two wonderful boys and a wonderful husband!

And for those of you wondering, Denten has recovered great! He has a couple of scars that most of us don't even notice, but we have been so blessed for a full and speedy recovery.