Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disneyland 2011

And to start the new year off right, we decided to spend a couple of days with Mickey Mouse himself.  It was FANTASTIC!!!!
Bryce was ready to take on Darth Maul.  Bradley was missing in action.

 Bryce's face explains how we all felt the whole time.  It truly is a magical place. 
 The parade was great.  The fireworks ending with snow, was amazing!  The World of Color with water cannons and fire, bubbles, beautiful colors and music...just wonderful!
 And of course we had to have breakfast with Mickey and friends...
 He is such a cute kid!

My little Jedi in training.  So fun.  Can't stop smiling whenever I think about it.

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jhoopes said...

Looks like you've guys have been having your usual fun!! You've already hit Disneyland in 2011?? You are for sure off to a great start!